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  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I play way back then when mabinogi was beta and had to quit because my internet was lagging which gave me the rubber band effect. I play for 2 month and I cannot progress through boss fight because of the rubber band effect. So, I decided that it is time to quit. After a while I heard about a game called Megami tensei online where it was an exact copies of Mabinogi combat style. I play the beta of that game but decided to quit that game as it lack Mabinogi style of game play. I went back to Mabinogi but I found out that my account was used by some CHINA gold Spammer. Who some how hacked into my account and use it for some Spamming action and now it was banned. I tried to recover my account back but I was told Banned account is not recoverable. I decided to make a new account and play for awhile. Later, I decided to play FFXI when it came out and put Mabinogi on hold when I'm not playing FFXI. After 3 week not playing Mabinogi, I couldn't login into my account anymore. I eventually found out that I got banned again since CHINESE hacker used my account for the same reason, Gold spamming. I decided to quit for real. After years later, I decided to make this account again to re-enjoy the game I never actually play fully.