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  • CM Return

    Kyrios #1 can he be ur boss
  • Get It Beauty Box

    It's sad that KR's had a bunch of Get It Beauty Box releases even before this so players could switch up their looks without paying 60m for a hair coupon.
  • Elf-Archery is FAR too «RNG-Dependent» !

    Or play human with dblade and bash everything
  • Alexina Channel Crashes

    Ch1 has crashed twice already after maintenance. Just now channels 1, 5, 6, 7 all crashed at the same time.

    My guild members and friends already lost a handful of items and we have yet to see Nexon acknowledge any of these crashes. If there had been a post, we must have missed it.

    Can we please get an update as to why this is happening or at least some kind of acknowledgement that channels are constantly crashing. We figured after the maintenance, it would come to stop but it hasn't.

    Our characters are being rolled back after every crash. I would like to see some kind of response from the Nexon team.
  • Final Shot Revamp Idea

    Helsa wrote: »
    Discussions of: the conservation of momentum, between something the mass of a fantasy sword versus an arrow, and the cross sectional area of a fantasy sword versus an arrow, aside (this is just a game after all), I want to be sure I understand this correctly:

    Only elves get Final Shot. Elves cannot wield large hand weapons such as Claymores or fantasy swords; that is, hold them in their hands and swing them about with mischievous intent, since they are declared as "not strong enough", but here they can: hold several at-the-ready, load them in a bow, loading them and shooting them off rapidly in succession, with accuracy and deadly force. Meanwhile, say in a PvP or EvG, the target would not be able to then pull them out of their flesh and either wield them themselves or store them in their inventory to, say, sell later, because upon impact, after having delivered their damage, they disappear entirely. Have I got that right?

    Yes. And they will sound like this.

    Shwomp Shwomp

    And crits will sound like this


    And it's not that they were holding the sword arrows. It's more like created using magic.