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I got my divorce a week ago and It wont let me marry whats the problem do i have to leave my family aswel or?????


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    You can get married even if you're in someone else's family.

    Just give it a little more time.

    The "cooldown" will end soon enough.
  • FeliceFelice
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    If you are married, one of the parents in that family, and that family has one or more children, you are locked into that marriage until the family is dissolved by the Family Head. I know this for a fact because I was stuck in such a situation for about 2 years when my husband at the time, stopped playing for over a year.

    Like Iyasenu said, you can marry someone else even if you are the child of an existing family. However, going further on this, I do not believe it is possible to start another family with your new spouse until you leave your existing one. This I am not 100% on.
  • BerrySwirlBerrySwirl
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    You are right. You cannot be part of 2 fams.


    Youu have to wait a week from the EXACT time you divorced. So if you divorced at 11pm Saturday. You have to wait till 11pm next Saturday. As an example.