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Talent Combinations

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Hello Guys. :) :)

So, lately I find my skill distribution oddly uncomfortable.
Personally I am a person who likes to use different talents from time to time since i get bored using always the same thing.

My questions are:

Which talents combine better with others?

Which skills are better to have on a hotkey and which ones are better to have on the extra skill slot?

Tell me what work better for you guys. Thinking of reorganize my hotkeys and I'm kinda lost.


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Skills with long cooldowns are nice to have on the extra skill slots.
    I use it for things like Meteor Strike, Rage Impact, or Light of Palala, or even a few pet summons.

    I usually keep main combat skills on the hotkeys.
    Like Smash, Defense, etc.

    As for talents that combine with each other, it's usually talents that synergize skill-wise.

    Like Puppetry talent's Crisis or Chain Slash talent's Death Mark, both are ones that bring enemies closer together.
    That combines well with Area attacks, like Kunai Storm from Ninja, or Shooting Rush from Gunner.

    Or, something like Rage Impact, from Close Combat, and Chain Sweep, from Chain Slash.
    Since Rage Impact boosts melee-type damage to all enemies hit, and Chain Sweep hits a wide area of enemies for melee-type damage.

    Otherwise, you can just go with talents that share a common stat.
    Like Fighter (Will) with Ninja (Str/Will).
    Or Archer (Dex) with Chain Slash (Dex/Luck)
  • TayloreskiTayloreski
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    :o i have mixed Bard/Warrior/Battle Alchemist
    Its worked out well for me Because the bard gives good buff's the warrior is good for close up and the alchemist helps with range and can heal you up.

    Discord and lifedrain can tick down others hitpoints pretty well, though my favorite set up is having either element charged shock with final it, Or element charged shock with dance of death.

    I have all my buff's on my top bar as well as demigod, rest, heal, bandage and paladin. my 2nd bar ill have my warrior skills mixed with Alchemist, So Bash, Smash, Counter, Assault slash. Then ill have Frozen Blast, Hydra, Shock, and Life drain. Then continue with the other warrior skills, Then the tab next has all my Alchemist skills so its easy for me to switch back and forth : o