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Returning Player looking for buddies

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in Mari Chat
Heyyo everyone!
So I had played Mabi from 2012 until roughly 2015, but left the game for real life obligations + my original guild falling apart. I had found out some old friends from that guild still play and said that I should come back, and because these wonderful people, along the amount of money i spent on this game made me obligated to play again CURSEYOUYUI, I decided to come back :D

But I have a empty wasteland of a friends list, so I'm also hoping I'd be able to look for some people to hang around in the game.
My IGN is ZXChris93 for those wondering.


  • RastlinRastlin
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    i will add you. my ign is Sammybear, i started in 2012 but hit a snag on some quest and could not move on in game. so i have come back to play and have the same issue.