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Glitch or am I just blanking

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For some odd reason I summoned my partner today whom I had at a fairly high likeability (Over 100) level is now at -3, not double gathering anymore. Is this intended and im missing something or what? lol sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.


  • GretaGreta
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    Have you ever fed your partner? XD
  • SkittlezFMXSkittlezFMX
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    edited January 16
    Yeah, though I admit it wasn't everyday. So me not feeding it caused the likability to drop that fast huh? Cause I used her to double gather on day one, meaning I had her atleast to 80 and then the next she was at -3 lol it just seems terribly fast of a drain if thats the case.

    *EDIT* just tested it and wow thats what it was. In a matter of 30 seconds or so, I lost 3 likeability from her being at 40% hunger. That is stupidly fast to lose likability....I left her summoned at full hunger for an hour or so afk and came back to -8. Come on now thats ridiculous LOL
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Yeah, don't ever leave your partner summoned when their hunger is below 55%.
    They're not like pets, they'll hate you for leaving them starving.
    Just keep a stack of small, high-hunger foods on you or your partner at all times so you can feed them when they're about to get hungry.
    I use Sliced meat since it fills a lot of hunger, stacks to 20, and only takes up 1x1 inventory space.

    Hey, at least you can gain likeability faster than the old days, since you can give 5 gifts per real day.
    Back when partners were new you were limited to 1 gift per day! Was even harder to recover from hunger-induced likeability loss.