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Crossbow Mastery Training Bug

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edited March 9 in Help
I was trying to get the last archery skill (Crossbow Mastery) to rank one and I decided to use what should have been the quickest method, the whole "Defeat a boss level enemy using a crossbow" deal. I came to their method to do just that. Since zombies are immune to arrow damage for some reason, I double bashed the heck out of it with the "Anyone can finish" setting on. Once the zombie was on finish I pulled out my crossbow and shot it. I checked chat to check my exp points. Instead of giving me 5.0 points (20.0 points), it gave me 0.5 points (0.20 points). I double checked the skill training screen and looked at the zombies. They still said "boss" over their head so I don't understand what the problem is. Then I thought they decided not to count finish for the defeat reward so I tried weakening one with bash, then killing and finishing with the crossbow. I got the same result. It has to be a bug at this point, nothing else makes sense.