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Broken guild system

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edited June 28 in Bugs and Glitches
SO! guess im going to be the squeaky wheel on this because
This has been an issue because the name contains the + symbol that the game cannot comprehend it being in a name as its not supported to be in a name. At this point if someone still has not logged in and has +server their name needs to just be changed into a new placeholder name for them to change when they come back.
This has been an issue for years now to a point that makeing a guild is pointless because you cannot have SR members.
  1. Would you rather have3 votes
    1. Current guild system fixed
       33% (1 vote)
    2. Full guild revemp/patch
       67% (2 votes)


  • MaiaMaia
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    The +server name issues haven't been problems for years, it's been 1 year. That does not diminish the issue though and it is just another broken cog in the guild mechanics. For example in addition to +server name issues: guild emblems have been broken for years (broken for more time than they worked I believe), web linking was removed rather than fixed, 'see past budgets' button brings up an error, character names (not +server'd) double in the guild list randomly, and likely a plethora of other issues also exist that I'm missing.

    Many of the glitches are localized to NA (IE: +server and emblems) whereas the generally dated guild layout (web based within the game which causes problems) continues to be a core dilemma in the game. I would think that the developers should overhaul the guild system as a whole considering the game is built around community and nearly every player in the game is in a guild. Community building is key to player retention after all.