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Skill Screw ups

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I'm a little mad right now because due to skill screw ups I've died 7 freaking times to a stupid cyclops. Normally I don't mind the occasional hiccup I get when using arrow skills, but this time, having to use 7 stupid Nao Soul Stones, I'm not a happy camper. I realise I could have used the spawn at dungeon stone thing, but I just wanted to get out of the dungeon asap, I hate the revamp to Rundal, but I need something out of the adv dungeon, which after this, I might say screw it and try to find someone to lend it to me.

Anyway, what happens is I'll hit the key on my keyboard, it'll act like it's loading and then disappear, causing me to be killed, or I'll load the skill, and instead of it starting the % so I can use it, it just sits there, and if I try to click again to get the % to start it'll auto-fire it, causing it to miss. Is this just something with Archery? Because I don't remember it being so annoyingly crappy before when I was in tight spots.


  • NasumiRayneNasumiRayne
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    edited December 27, 2016
    It isn't just with archery - it seems to be client lag related more than anything. Have you also tried disabling "Reserve attack" under the Game Options? It seems to help a fair bit and reduce the hiccups one has while loading skills as it isn't queuing up others causing skill delays.
  • BerrySwirlBerrySwirl
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    Hm, maybe take auto-attack off if it's on.

    As for skills loading up and cancelling, is it using stomp? Try pressing the skill button more than once, make sure you're not accidentally clicking it over your head or hitting backspace/esc.

    Try testing your skills on foxes, see if you have the same issue.
  • KryoKryo
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    @NasumiRayne I'll see, I don't usually mess with the options too much, but I'll check about reserve attack. Thanks :3

    @BerrySwirl I don't click the skills, I use the keys on the keyboard, and the skills I use aren't near the backspace bar or the esc key, so it can't be that either.