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[FIXED] Title text issues.

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edited October 11, 2018 in Archived Bugs
What happens now: Some title text updates caused additional issues or didn't fully fix old ones.
What should happen instead: Emergency maint reee litrly unplayable The below text should be updated.

- Player the Wise and
I guess somebody did a find-and-replace for "the Wise" as part of the dan title cleanup, but forgot that there's actually a normal "the Wise" title (level up with 200 int or somethin). It's a normal title and not a dan prefix, so that title looks weird now.

- Player the Master of Combo Attack
While this is a bit of an improvement... the skill still isn't actually called "Combo Attack", it's called "Combo Mastery".

- While many changes caused titles attached to names to flow better, I feel that in many cases commas could have been employed for better effect instead.
"Oh that dude over there? That's Bob the Black Rose Master." (This flows just fine after the update.)
A - "Oh that dude over there? That's Player is Caswyn's Confidante." (That sounds weird.)
B - "Oh that dude over there? That's Player, Caswyn's Confidante." (This flows better.)

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