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Veteran gamer, new to Mabinogi, lots of questions.

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Hello everyone. The name's Bee...

First, a background report. Played lots of MMOs in the past but stuck to only a few of them. My main MMO right now is Final Fantasy 14. Great game, but I feel like I need a second one to relax into with the endless grind that is inevitably in all MMOs. Here are my questions...

First of all, is there a main city where idle players usually gather? I mean like the hubs. In most MMOs there is such a place. I assume Mabinogi has one as well?

Second, is there an RP community?

Third, how's the gathering and crafting system? Is it a steep learning curve? I'd like to focus more on the GATHERING system with this question. How is it done? Just like... Summarize it for me or something.

Fourth, what do you think is the lifespan of this game? A friend mentioned that it still has a few more years but... How much more, exactly? Is it dying?

Fifth, is there housing in this game?

Sixth, is money important in this game at all? I don't mean real-life dollars or whether or not it's Pay-to-Win. I'm talking about the game's standard currency. Does it make a difference if you're rich or not?

I think those are it. Thanks very much!


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    1st) Yes, it's usually the town of Dunbarton or Belvast.
    Belvast is usually full of player shops as the marketplace area is larger and allows for larger transaction limits, but Dunbarton's a central travel hub, as it connects to a lot of places and it's the warp arrival point for the continent.
    There's usually more players on a single channel, referred to as the Market Channel. Not sure of what channel it is on every server, but on Mari it's Channel 1.

    2) I'm sure there is, but I'm not a part of it.

    3) Steep learning curve? Kind of, with some skills. Gathering usually needs tools and is done at various nodes. Stuff like Leather can't be crafted and is found from enemy drops primarily. You don't get level up EXP from gathering unless your character's active Talent is considered a Life talent. (Cleric doesn't count)

    4) It's still actively being updated, and I can see it being around for a long while yet.

    5) Yes, and sort of. The old "housing" system was changed to the Marketplace system. Before you'd own a "house" where you could decorate and place items for sale. Now you own a "shop" where you can decorate and place items for sale. THAT "housing" system requires one of the monthly service packages to use.
    Another form of "house" is the Homestead system. You can build a house on your homestead and take a lease out on it to be able to enter it and decorate it or perform research into Skill EXP boosts by building workshops inside it.

    6) Yeah, gold is still important. Used for item repairs and NPC consumables at the very least. Some Cash-only items can be bought from other players for gold, so it can be helpful if you can do that if you don't want to spend your own real money to get them. Of course it can also help when buying stuff like crafting mats from others, too.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Adding on
    Depending on what server you are on, idle players tend to gather at the above mentioned towns which are used for marketplace, but some servers, players have distributed themselves to more active areas. If you are looking to run daily raids, you will find people at those locations waiting for form parties as well. For example, Tailteann and Tara stonehenges.

    There are various people who RP depending on where you are located.

    Gathering doesn't have any learning curves, just excessive gathering of resource nodes to rank up (to get some bonuses and efficiency at gathering). Crafting, some have mini-games which will test your hand/eye/mouse coordination, but usually not a problem. The only thing is getting sufficient materials for it. Although there are calls for make crafting better and worth everyone's time as there isn't usually many demands for a lot of crafting services.

    There is an active demand for the game, and should be around for the forseeable short term at minimum (3-5 years). This is only personal estimation of the current situation and markets barring no adverse affects.

    Housing covered as above. More on the homestead lease and workshops, it's been only released to us recently so there may be more updates on it for the future. Homesteads usually are used for personal alone time, crafting without disturbance (if you have the resources) or hangout areas with friends if you're willing to invest on building it (with gold or real money).

    There is 2 type of game currency the main one being gold that buys most things, and ducats through the game's commerce/mercantile system to obtain various items not accessible with gold. Some long running mini-games also rewards points for specific items not attainable with currency. The bulk of the economy revolves around gold and you will get your needs taken care of with gold (which is exchangeable with players). Everything else is between you and NPCs and there is no conversion. If you don't want to buy items that are from the webshop being sold, there are plenty of items/gear of more normal content sold by NPCs at reasonable (but priced for its worth) available.
  • noobodyzxznoobodyzxz
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    there are some things i would like to add

    u can use ur homestead/hs to farm for resources
    as u lvl up ur hs u can expand it and u get to unlock or build
    different types of gathering sites for resources
    most of them resets at midnight PST while some resets after a few minutes
    to lvl up hs u will need to earn kon
    wich is usually obtained buy planting hs seeds
    u can obtain it through:
    Tir Chonaill & Dunbarton Grocery Store Part-time Jobs
    Goblins in Ciar Dungeon and Barri Dungeon
    Selling regular crops to Blatt in Taillteann (wiki says this requires premium or VIP service)
    Reward chest after enetering outylaw hs during "Pursue the Outlaw!" questL
    u can also decorate ur hs and some decorations gives kon
    some decorations have stat modifiers that gives additional stats when installed in hs
    some items in hs cost homestead stones to build and for maintenance
    maintenance fee is collected once each weekL
    automatically reducing the ammount of hs stones with the ammount of ur hs maintenance cost
    if the player cannot pay the fee the homestead items that have maintenance costs
    will become unusable and unremovable until the next successful payment
    the player must pay both the current and all previously unpaid maintenance cost
    u can gather up to 10 hs stones each day resetting at midnight PST

    but if ur trying to produce equipment to sell
    most items that are produced with low ranked skill and mats that are easily obtained dont sell much
    basicaly the stats are what players reconsder in buying and some are just better

    mabinogi also offers generation quest a series of storyline quests
    doing these quests allows to unlock and introduce u to certain skills and a lot of the games content
    to fully enjoy it i suggest that u take generation quests in order
    new players usually recieve "generation 19: devine knights"
    tho i think this is done as an introduction to the Girgashly raids and Squire stystem
    ive met some new players that may have been overwhelmed by how hard it is
    and seen some complaint that it should not be given to new players

    theres a wiki for mabinogi that would help u a lot
  • pawcalypsepawcalypse
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    edited November 28, 2018
    • Do not be tempted to waste your money trying to look pretty. Try to be able to kill everything first. Get the best weapons or the second best weapon with decent stats. Some people wear robes all day long.
    • Try to adapt to which weapon and skills you are comfortable with. Be a warrior first then farmer next, in other words. Learn some life skills to gain some stats that your style of combat may need;
      • STR for melee/ninja (carpentry),
      • DEX for archers (majority of life skills, refining, weaving),
      • INT for magic (some music and life skills, cooking, mushroom gathering),
      • WIL martial arts (some of the life skills, harvesting, hoeing), etc..
      • Tasting is the easiest, it gives INT and DEX by simply eating; you will gain weight or lose it depending on what you eat. Being fat or thin has its own benefits too.
    • Pick up every gold drop, no matter how tedious.
    • Do not be afraid of recruiting or joining a party in some quests and missions, some players are more understandable than others. Do not be offended when people leave; do not be pushy/attached either.
    • Join a guild; form friendships.
    • Try to master one skill before reaching level 100, total. (it is an achievement that is not hard to do actually)
    • Be sure to attend the weekly Banquet in Tara every Saturday. Rebirth your character to gain a maximum of level 39 to 41 afterwards. You can AFK for a whole hour and gain AP/levels. You may do some life skills while in the banquet, as long as you can carry the tool or use them indoors.
  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
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    edited November 29, 2018
    1) People hang out in and around Dunbarton on channel 1.

    2) I personally don't see a lot of RP.

    3) Gathering and Crafting: Yes there's a lot of information to learn if you want to know everything about crafting skills (life skills) and their materials/products, BUT it's not hard to just jump in and start shearing a sheep or cooking something. The life skills can be roughly divided into: Gathering skills to get stuff from nature, Processing skills to turn raw stuff into usable materials, and Crafting skills to make finished products.

    To gather stuff you usually click on a resource while holding a tool, resulting either in failure or a successful gather. For example, clicking on a tree while holding an axe will gather wood, clicking on a chicken barehanded will produce an egg (if the chicken stays still that is), using a pickaxe at an ore node will produce a variety of ores. You can empty a resource, and, depending on the type of resource, it will replenish after a few minutes.

    Processing skills include Weaving and Refining. You weave spiderwebs into thin thread and weave thin threads into silk. Wool is weaved into thick thread and then into fabric. Refining basically turns ores into ingots.

    Crafting final products usually involves selecting the desired final product from a list, adding the requisite materials, clicking the "start" button, and then hoping it succeeds. Tailor skill, for example, uses a lot of silks and fabrics of varying quality as well as other Weaving skill products. It's used to make clothes and certain light body armor. Smithing skill uses ingots, cloth, strings, wood, and other materials to make weapons, gear, and all types of armor.

    4) Lifespan of the game is at least 5 years IMO. I've only player for 1.5 years and I have extracted a lot of fun out of the game. Yes, mabi is having trouble with a dwindling playerbase. Stick to the populated server (Alexina) and you won't notice the decline.

    5) Homesteads are your own customizable area where you can decorate with pretty objects or place useful gather nodes and crafting stations. On your homestead you can also place a house that you can enter and decorate, for a gold fee.

    6) In the beginning money is not important. The main storyline gives you a set of equipment which is decent and very affordable to repair. You don't constantly buy and replace gear in this game, instead you use the same equipment for a good while until it wears out naturally or you find something substantially better (but be wary because good gear = high repair fees). You can gather most materials for crafting skills by yourself.

    As you progress you will start wanting to buy materials instead of gathering and processing them yourself. This might get expensive. You will also want to buy neat things other players sell, like bags for extra inventory or important quest items. This will definitely be expensive. At this point money does matter because it saves you time and buys certain conveniences.
  • PanPan
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    These are meaningless questions the answers to those don't exist anymore.
  • ValenthValenth
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    We have a Discord channel as well and we are willing to help you with anything you may need o3o .

    Add me @ Elizabeth#3717 and I will invite you in
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Pan wrote: »
    These are meaningless questions the answers to those don't exist anymore.

    No question is meaningless if anyone asks and there are people willing to answer.
  • AlalaroseAlalarose
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    Depending on the server depends heavyly on the afk channel. as said above in mari its 1 where as in tarlach its 7, i think tarlach is the only one that's different though. Tarlach just like to be different ~