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B> things

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edited July 19, 2019 in Nao Marketplace
Selling and buying a few things.

-R1 Seething Champion Langu F+gold for Saint Guardian Leather Armor F

-#E0FFFF Light Blue Fixed Dyes [300k ea Mail]
-Cheerful Bride's Minidress [100m]***
-Nightmare Enchant [8m]
-Desecrated Charm Chunks [3.5m]
-Lvl 30 Echostone (blue, red, or black) [60m] - Stats don't matter
-Thames Plate Gauntlets Blacksmith Manual or Signed Gaunts [Nm]
-Crazy Rich Milletian Heels (F) [6m?/Nmp]

-None atm

Note nazuna96 for details or to negotiate prices c: Thank you!