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Server activity

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edited March 15, 2017 in Help
I know that games age, and people leave the game. But I didn't expect a total ghost town for my play time. Granted, I may have chosen a dead server, but the lack of players made it really unsettling.
Story aside, which server is considered "the most active", so that I'm not wandering a field, knowing that waiting for someone shouldn't be there if there is no someone to wait for.
(Do I have to recreate my character if I change servers?)


  • ShouKShouK
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    Alexina and yes you do have to make a new character to change server.
  • ShoogShoog
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    edited March 15, 2017
    Hi Derllyn! Each server has a "market" channel in which most of the server's population resides within. Here's a list of the market channels so you can find more players:

    Alexina - Ch1
    Mari - Ch2
    Ruairi - Ch1
    Tarlach - Ch7

    I hope this helps!