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(FAQ) - How to Make Money as a new player


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Curiko wrote: »
    For selling things less than 1.000.000 use an kiosk instead.
    It does not cost to set up every single time like an shop do.

    How do I set up a Kiosk?

    Walter sells them in Dunbarton and Vanalen in Belvast (50k).
    Those are the only 2 places where they exist. Most commonly, you'll see Dunbarton kiosks on the North gate.
    Used with a licence as well. Cannot use if you already opened a personal shop.
  • K4iserK4iser
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    So as someone that has only played for a short while I tried out various methods, many of them listed here. Heres the way I made my money in less than three weeks after I realized how slow the game is when you're poor (No potions, repairs etc)

    The way I ended up making money was basically as follows:

    First run Ciar or Alby dungeon, collect tons of fomor scrolls and turn them in at the quest board west of Dunbarton Mana tunnel. Easy 50-60k there, especially if you do Ciar dungeon as those Mimics drop an insane amount of scrolls and give roughly 18k for 10, you easily get that in one or two runs.

    Then, got a kiosk that I set up in Dunbarton with some smaller crap. I then proceeded to find places to farm Ancients (Enemies with "The Ancient" in the name). These spots are secret of course as I seem to have them all by myself on Alexina as I can farm those places every three-four hours.

    Got myself some decent items, including Thames Plate Armor. Sold it all every single day at my kiosk (Now a personal shop) and as of speaking I have three million in my bank account, and that's after buying a bunch of Lugh Plate Armor pieces for my character.

    Some issues I ran into, just a heads up for newbies.

    My issues however: I regret my character. I made an elf, turns out it's a terrible choice for someone with my playstyle since I run as warrior, I prefer a simple playstyle after all. No decent armor and my lightsaber is literally among the best weapons I can get. Should've rolled with Human or Giant..or find a new class that works, but didn't enjoy Chain Slasher nor magician, so not entirely sure what to do. Feels like a waste to make a new character since I have half-finished several Generations. Don't make my mistake, properly research your races.

    Second issue: Some things I found seem impossible to sell. As of writing, I have four pieces of Thames Gauntlets selling at 125k. They have been up on the shop for almost a week now. Take note that others sell their Thames for 500k-1.5m depending on which piece. So I guess my advice is patience as some things take time.

    But, you can easily sell Ancient Magic Powder, Red Upgrade Stones etc at pretty high prices and at least make around 100k/day depending on luck & playtime.

    Luckily I keep getting Second and Sixth dorcha crystals that i sell at 40k and 150-200k.
  • SkeinSkein
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    edited March 15, 2018
    Hmm here´s my way of making money (started playing again on a new account 1-2 weeks ago):
    First week I spammed Holy Water and sold for 30k each stack. Got my first m with that.
    Then someone told me to get cooking to r9... I want Catering so I did. It´s tedious but now I get a few mills a week if lucky.

    atm I´m cooking event food (mainly coffee cause getting the beans is meh), mine sells even though a bit more expensive than in other shops...oddly. nice pocket money, a few 100ks a day. Pocket money won´t have the patience to hit coffee trees every day... probably.

    I also recommend ancients same as K4iser it´s what I did 4 years ago, just have some patience not every single mob drops something especially when they are weakest/weak to you.
  • CaterexCaterex
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    A good way to make money was during the sweeping event. Everyone is dropping lots of stuff, and if you gather all of them and sell it( especially the fomor scrolls) you could have made lots of money.
  • KemalyKemaly
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    My suggestions are luck based, so it may not be the best for a stable income, but I still do this at level 6.7k.

    Dungeons are pretty easy now, but not many people run them, so there's items from the end chests that are valuable and fairly easy to get. Dungeons with end rewards used to rank skills are good to run to sell the book/page/item (Some pages are worthless though). Math adv. is the easiest adv. and has a chance of giving you a hellhound skull, which is used to get first aid r8->r7. Hellhound skulls sell for 1-2m.

    You can buy Courcle Excavation Journal's from Voight and the rewards from books 11-14 are worth ~350k. You get the rewards by collecting the artifacts which are founds all around Courcle using a l-rod or demigod (some in only certain areas ). This requires very little combat and levels your exploration level.