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February 14, 1998
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  • Sebasteann wrote: » Zelfal wrote: » Technically humans r the most unique race of the 3 giants dont have archery elves dont have lances. Humans also have 2 different types of trans Pally and Dark knights elves and giants only have single one. So …
  • SweetMelody wrote: » Dual wielding seems important, if you have high dexterity it implies you're good with your hands. If they can't have as much strength (although I think some redistribution in that area would be good, the difference in combat s…
    in Elf Update? Comment by Veylaine April 12
  • at first I thought maybe some re-calibrating was needed so elves who didn't want to focus on archery and/or didn't want to spend tons of gold and/or money to get gear to make archery really monstrous, but after chains came out it doesn't seem as pre…
    in Elf Update? Comment by Veylaine April 11
  • oof reminds me of 11960 on one of my last tries on my elf before I just gave up on that dan all together.
  • Wolfsinger wrote: » I mean, considering the nature of things, bring it up and we might hear something about it tomorrow
  • I'm only interested in the outfit now, would of tried for the couples flight since I didn't do doki doki back when I started this account in 2016. Not anymore since they restricted the use of couples flight during regular raids, although that dye ga…
  • GTCvActium wrote: » Aquasol wrote: » Avelin's cute with her hair shorter, but Eiren is so cool, and seems to really treat the player as a friend and companion that's helped her. I'm cheering for Eiren all the way~ Eirawen seems to be into the…
  • I like Avelin as a character better, but I voted for eiren, don't want the alban knights taking both places again this time. EDIT: though I wouldn't mind if Llywelyn winning one of these, imo hes the best alban knight.
  • Lutetium wrote: » The numbers on the wiki are grosely incorrect and I'm not sure if the person who put them there has ever even equiped the items that provde the effects or they would have been able to do the simple calculations to find out just h…
  • Lutetium wrote: » The bonus 7% critical damage from Borealis/Celtic Royal set effect ontop of bash stacking both weapon's R type bonuses together definitely help it DPS wise; It's also worth considering that even though the crit damage multiplie…
  • Maia wrote: » Veylaine wrote: » true in some cases Final strike could be better than bash, but most could argue its no where near as good as FH. also im not sure if thats true of FH loses its durability immunity after this update, but none the …
  • Maia wrote: » Veylaine wrote: » Final strike is way too overhyped I don't understand why people say this is a better version of FH. There's a couple problems with this comparison (bash vs final strike). 1. Using borealis hammers which giv…
  • Lutetium wrote: » starkiller1286 wrote: » Because final hit insta kills everything in the game and totally doesn't have a 4 minute cooldown. 50 second cooldown with reforges, but more more importantly than final hit; Humans have Support Shot a…
  • PlatinaKoki wrote: » Leinei wrote: » Iyasenu wrote: » Leinei wrote: » Iria based Shadow Missions could be interesting, I think. =D Shadow Shyllien, Shadow Courcle, Shadow Renes, lots of possibilities. If they had to involve NPCs to gua…
  • idk about recording chats and stuff, but yes I support reading the notes the player themselves sent out. Sometimes I have no idea what a conversation was about after weeks or months had passed, for whatever reason I need to recollect the conversatio…
  • ah yes margarine leather vs butter leather.
  • so is this about peoples alts having guilds or making different guilds have a way to contact each other in game?
  • Guessing its probably just a graphical glitch
    in Oh okay. Comment by Veylaine January 24
  • Hellkaizer wrote: » Veylaine wrote: » GTCvActium wrote: » Giants are fast becoming the master race. In the next update they will acquire what is pretty much an upgraded version of human FH, get 2 more skills that make their melee abilities eve…