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  • Flight Expansion is here!

    Take to the skies! Flight expansion is finally here! Grab your pets and soar through the skies of some classic towns, like Tir Chonaill, or glide over the Dragon excavation site in Gairech Hills. Check out all of the expanded flyable areas here!


    Flight Expansion Details

    Explore the skies of the following maps!
    • Tir Chonaill
    • Dugald Aisle
    • Dunbarton
    • Gairech Hills
  • Patch Notes - September 7th 2017

    lol its fixed!
  • Patch Notes - September 7th 2017

    It's that time again for our Monthly Patch Notes. Check out what was changed!


    The following Events and Sales are running:

    Spiritual Growth Package
    Roulette Bingo Event
    Magic Academy Suitcase
    Attendance Event

    The following content has been added:

    Flight Expansion

    The following functionality issues have been fixed:
    • Getting hit during the Smash animation while Wind Guard is activated will no longer result in your character unable to move
    • Snow effects on Frostblossom Wings will now properly show on male humans and elves
    • Arrows (100) is now properly recognized when crafting Bhafel Huntress
    • Using a Potent Finest Shadow Crystal Upgrade Coupon will now give the proper items
    • Using a Potent Fine Shadow Crystal Compression Coupon will now give the proper items

    The following items have had typos fixed
    • Silver Fox Enchant
    • Barba Basin in the Moonlight Traveler's Book

    The following items had their name changed:
    • Due to having two pairs of Violet Angel Wings, one has been named Purple Angel Wings and the other pair stayed as Violet Angel Wings.
    • Items with the word "Macaroon" have been changed to the correct term "Macaron"
    • Toy Wing Enchant has been renamed to "Will of Doll"

    b]The following quests have had their descriptions revised[/b]:
    • Mission Point Quests
      • Some quests will now state “Raise the talent level of [Talent Name]
  • Community Live Stream: Flight Expansion

    UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties we will be pushing back the stream 15. 5:15 PDT is the new time! See you there!

    Nkeona and Mewlynne will be going over our next update on our Twitch.tv channel on Wednesday, September 6th at 5:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM Eastern).



    Flight Expansion is swooping in and we have all of the details during our Future Content Stream! We will also go over our renewed Roulette Bingo Event, the new Balloon Pony Event, and a sneak peek into some of our upcoming sales.

    Prizes and More!

    Don't miss out on a chance to win prizes during the stream! This week, you'll have a chance to win the Magic Academy Suitcase or the Ear-y Tails Gachapon! As always, there are lots of other sweet surprises and GM antics.

    Don't miss out on the fun. See you Wednesday!
  • Issue with Midsummer Box and Magic Academy Suicase

    Hi everyone! We have been receiving some tickets about the Midsummer Box and Magic Academy Suitcase. Apparently the Potent Fine Shadow Crystal Compression Coupon and the Potent Finest Shadow Crystal Upgrade Coupons do not give any items when used.

    If you have any of these coupons in your possession, we ask that you do not use them until after the 9/7 maintenance to avoid having to write a support ticket. If you have used any of these coupons, our Customer Support team will be happy to return the coupon and Shadow Crystals to your character. Link to Customer Support.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have brought you!