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I am now Crimson with a latin o. Better than Crims imo. GET USED TO IT.


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  • [Aug. 3] Nexon Merch Store Update

    I hope the shipping costs are cheaper than the items with competent and timely customer service this time around. Had such a bad experience. :(
  • I love this update

    Definitely would like a gun revamp.
  • [EVENT] Summer Master Plan

    If people really feel cheated, they could throw an AP pot as compensation maybe.

    Greta wrote: »
    Don't bother criticizing Nexon, because simps and sjw's will drive you away with a r00d card.

    Congratulations, you can use random buzzwords that don't even apply.

    In a way they kinda do apply. :D

    Froglord wrote: »
    Poeta wrote: »
    Very disappointing... I'm already finish everything, but like to help out others, I like to always make the translations and helping people with any question about events, and they count about the info you already put on the event, you should listen more carefully the players, because of this so many players being affected and they needed the AP, I don't like how you always manage the events, lack of info and not enough details. Hope you at least read my comment, because you always ignore everything.


    1) No one even likes you, 2) you're rude to just about everyone, so it's no wonder no one listens to you.

    You passed judgement on someone that only has FOUR comments??? :D

    @Poeta the bold is annoying though. Too much.
  • Anyone won the Pet trainer's 100 Million gold?

    Sherri wrote: »
    If someone won 100 mil and never said anything, did they really win it?

    if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound?

    Yes, it's just no one was around to hear it.
  • Forum Issues and Bugs

    Inb4 they get rid of the forums entirely. We shouldn't have to do such workarounds to access something so basic.

    And don't use covid as an excuse. I am soooooo sick of that. It seems like the whole world is using that as an excuse to be lazy and do a half assed jobs now. Like I am experiencing some real crap customer service lately from EVERYWHERE. I am not even a Karen, this is just an observation I have made as of late and it's not ok. This is a tech job, they do these types of jobs from home anyway. No excuses.

    Of course I am not blaming you Kyrios, as much as I would like to shoot the messenger with nerf darts. :D