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  • daily crashes

    these are my system specs
    as the pic shows, I'm way above the required stuff to run the game. I have automatic updates, but if that's the issue it should've come up with the last monthly updates. I'll try your suggestions later, though I never had trouble with those either, I doubt it'll make much difference

    UPDATE: so I deleted mabi's cache and said logs as well as ran that default thingy. now we'll have to wait and see I guess
  • go home mabi, you're drunk

    my whole life was a lie... apparently 18 is more than 1042
    SherribadnewsbarrettAtaraxizVimiHardmuscleClovis15pawcalypseSugarAngel[Deleted User]Iyasenuand 4 others.
  • Is it wrong to like pineapple pizza?

    personally I like spam, both as is and cooked. as for pizza, the only acceptable toppings are meat, cheese, sauce and (depending on taste) jalapenos. personally I prefer sour cream or bbq sauce, but tomato sauce is acceptable. anything else like fish or mushrooms or pineapple means ruining a perfectly fine dish
  • you know you overdid it when...

    ... a sheep actually becomes boss levelled
  • A Little Market Consumer Survey~

    1.) What do U usually spend ur gold stockpile on?
    mostly repairs and fashionogi stuff

    2.) How often Do U spend ducats?(Or what do U buy/use em on? Fomor equips? Repairs?)
    basically never. only ducats I've spent were to buy better/bigger/faster transports

    3.) Do U prefer getting things from the cash shop directly or trading Ingame gold for them?
    I prefer cash shop, since in-game prices are way above my budget for most things. but at the same time I prefer in-game nowadays due to everything being locked behind gotchas these days

    4.) Do U have a spending cap when going around PS shopping 4 items?(5m/10m/20m/etc)
    not really. if I really want something I'll buy it regardless of price (provided I have the funds I need)

    5.) Last but not least...Do U prefer to generate ur own gold income(SM/Dungeons/etc) or do U afk and just merch?
    bit of both to be honest, since I don't have the patience to run a dungeon or sm 200 times to only make like 2m or so. but I also don't want to wait for that one item to get sold, so I tend to regularly run some stuff