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  • "Catch and release" option for fishing

    I've been doing a lot of AFK fishing recently for the Endelyon renown (and a bit before that for the G23 flood relief mission). However, I pretty much don't want any of the items I fish up, and I definitely don't want any of the actual fish I fish up. In the past, this wouldn't be that big of a deal - your inventory fills up, so you just drop what you don't want and you're on your way. However, it isn't G12 anymore... With 15 bags that stuff can go into plus the VIP tab and Soul Stream Inventory, it literally takes me about 10-15 minutes just to drop all the stuff out of my inventory.

    Thus, I propose a menu option to improve the AFK playing experience for fishing: "Catch and Release". It's a thing people actually do in the real world quite often when fishing if they're just doing it for fun and don't actually want to keep the fish they catch, so why not in-game? It would be nice if there was a separate toggle for items and fish, but even if it's just one toggle that controls both, or even just one toggle that only releases fish and keeps anything that isn't a fish that you catch up, it would help a lot. It's a lot easier to drop 3 Beginner Skirts than 12 stacks of Taitinn Carp...
  • Stop moving the main inventory window on me

    Every time you open a shop, bank, or crafting menu, it moves the main inventory window to a fixed location relative to the new window, presumably to put it in a spot more convenient to work with that window (for example, it puts the main inventory window right next to the bank window).

    This is kind of a problem, since literally more than half of my screen is covered with the windows for item bags, which means that the main inventory window gets buried underneath them. Additionally, a lot of the time its choice for where to put the main inventory window doesn't make any sense (horizontal resolution is 1920px, the crafting window opens on the far left, it moves the main inventory to the far right, ?????).

    It would be really nice if there was a menu option to have it stop moving the inventory window. If it's in a spot that's inconvenient, I can move it myself. I mean, I already have to move windows myself as it is to unbury it if I need to access the main inventory while interacting with a shop/bank/crafting menu...
  • FREE Life Skill Service List

    Just reached r1 Magic Craft.