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Martial Darts Madness

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in General Chat
I honestly do get how Martial Darts is played: you try to score as many points as possible - without going over a target - while potentially beating everyone else in your group, although that doesn't really affect who gets boxes afterwards. The two concentric-rings are - respectively as you go inwards - 2x and 3x the listed value, and the dead-middle is worth 50 points exactly. It's a fast-paced game of dealing with wind-complications, the limited-time available, and figuring out what combination of shots you need for a perfect-score.

NOW HERE'S WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND (and I'll be amazed if anyone else does)...

How - exactly - does your performance at Martial Darts convert to a score on Festia's bi-weekly Leader Boards, because I can't really make heads-or-tails of the thing. Earlier this week I got two perfect games - and yet was scored poorly - then recently I had an abysmal-showing, only to somehow have my position move up afterwards. For a while I thought maybe it was a combination of how close you were to perfect, mixed with how quickly you tossed the darts, but my recent position-increase has left me even more-confused than ever before.


  • JJJJ
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    My guess would be that it's just the highest score you get without going over. So if the target score is higher then you can potentially score higher. And keep in mind that people seem to play it some days and not other days with very little consistency (guilty). But that's just a guess.
    It could just be one of those things in Mabinogi that make no sense, such as the success rate of the Windmill in Tir Chonail.
  • KokoroKokoro
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    I heard that it has to do with the speed in which you get the perfect score. Like throwing all 3 of your darts as quickly as possible while still getting the target score.