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B>MusicQ Casual Wear (F) - [2]

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edited January 10, 2017 in Alexina Marketplace
Buying 2 MusicQ Casual Wear (F). I'm thinking 50k each? If not then 100k each? I reeeeally want them.
Looking for 2 of them, if anyone doesn't want theirs.

(I couldn't get on on the day for the Casual Wear Hottime nor the 2nd time I had to get on for the deer pet...15th-28th. Grrr! Still want that MusicQ uniform though o<.)
I'll be very inactive, although I don't want to be, so I can't reply immediately. I'm not dead though! I swear I'm going to get 2 of those MusicQ uniforms or get offers for them!

Update: Got 1, one more to go!