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~*~ R> Logical ~*~

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
As the title says, Logical is recruiting!

This guild has just been created and was started by an old group of friends who just returned to mabinogi and we are looking to add more people to experience the game with!
Currently we do have a limit of 20 people but if growing with a guild sounds appealing to you this might be the guild for you!

We use discord and like being in call a lot when doing things together so it's better if you aren't shy around that.
We don't just play mabinogi so if you join you get people to play other games with such as league, overwatch and many other steam games!

Add Classless if this sounds like something you might be interested in. We will hold a little "interview", basically just speak to you for a little bit to see if you might be a good fit with us!

Happy Mabing!