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Daily bonus text is incorrect and unclear.

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edited June 23, 2018 in Bugs and Glitches
The daily bonus text that shows up...
  • When you hover over the in-game clock's time.
  • When you hover over the day in the Traveler's Guide.
  • Scrolling across the top of the screen.
... is incorrect, misleading, or just unclear for a few of the bonuses.

This appears to be because the text has not been updated in a long time.
Since it fails to mention alchemy bonuses, it's probably been unchanged since ~2010.

  • "Increase in critical hit rate" - There's no visible bonus on the character screen, is this an invisible bonus, or a temporary increase to the 30% effective cap? Could use clarification.
  • "Increase in lucky finish" - If this affects lucky gathering too, the text should be updated to say that. (Lucky gathering didn't exist back when this text was written.)

  • "Increase in rank up bonus for life skills (110%)" - Should be reworded to mean that it's an increase to the character EXP you get for ranking life skills (even though the EXP for ranking skills is so small that most players don't notice it anyways).
  • "Increase in quality of output for productions" - Should probably say "production skills" to be a bit clearer.

  • "Increase in dungeon item drop rate" - Needs to be changed to make it clear that it only affects item drops from enemies. It's been years and now we know that it does not actually improve chest drops, but this text leads people to believe that it does.
  • "Increase in rank-up bonus for Combat skills" - Similar to the life skill one, needs rewording.

  • "Increase in item drop rate from animals and nature" - This is like Tuesday's bonus, but it's for all the monsters outside of dungeons. "Animals and nature" may have been an acceptable explanation back when the text was written, but it works on enemies in Shadow Missions and Baltane missions now, so the text should probably just be changed to "from enemies outside of dungeons" or something.
  • "Increase in rank-up bonus for complete mastery of a skill" - Like before, should be changed to note that it's just the character EXP bonus.

  • "Increase in rank-up bonus for Magic skills" - Repeat chorus here.

  • "Food effects are increased" - Should be clarified that it's only long-term food effects, not the short-term stat buffs from cooked meals.
  • "The L-Rod's effect will increase over time" - Needs to say what it actually does.
  • Saturday has an increase in success rate to Alchemy skills (like Fragmentation), but it's not listed and it should be.
At the Dry Oven in Scathach Beach with no weather, on Wednesday it's 72%.
But on Saturday it's higher, 84%.

And some other lines just sound a bit awkward in general (like Thursday's proficiency increase).
I'm sure you all can make them sound better nowadays.

(Note that the Weekday Bonuses guide on the website has some misleading information as well and needs to be updated.)

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  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Might need pictures showing each day's bonus in order to be complete.

    After all is said and done, I totally agree that these bits of text should be updated and made clearer after all this time.
    Some nice concrete numbers to get rid of ambiguity would be nice, too.
  • seperdseperd
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    Disagree with Wednesday's animals an nature suggested change. (And shouldn't this be under suggestions?)
    I don't know about anyone else, but being too specific with game text I feel may take some of the mystery or magic out of it.

    I know I didn't explain that too well, but just think of what would happen if you were too specific with flavor text, it'd make getting items boring. Don't feel we need specifics, but if its misleading or missing then yeah, please fix that.
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,590
    Posts: 118
    Finally got all the related pictures up.
    seperd wrote: »
    Disagree with Wednesday's animals an nature suggested change. (And shouldn't this be under suggestions?)
    It's about incorrect text in-game, which goes under bug reports as far as I know.
    seperd wrote: »
    I don't know about anyone else, but being too specific with game text I feel may take some of the mystery or magic out of it.
    The alternative in that case would be to remove the text entirely.