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Friends list Lock out with Ko'd

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in Incomplete Bugs
I know this didn't used to be a issue but why is it That Friends list can no longer be accessed when you are Ko'd There isn't exactly a why to show this on a screen shot but Long ago. You could use the friends list to contact people in game so that advanced feathers could Actually be used. The fact that You can only rely on using whisper or guild chat to use this feature when ko'd is Really not how it was originally designed. You would think this would have been addressed a long time ago! I know that being KO'D isn't something that happens very often for myself but some times there are times when you should be able to use this feature like it was originally intended. I just Wonder because i haven't found a thread on this if any one has ever addressed this problem.


  • LeiliciaLeilicia
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    It locks it for a few minutes, and then it unlocks eventually. I'm unsure the exact time, but it has screwed me over a few times in timed sms. I don't mind it locking, but I'd like if the time for sm froze or something at least.