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LF> Active guild for newbies

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
I've played Mabi on and off since G3 and most of have characters have sucked (since I didn't know how to play. and never made it far (only getting a little bit better each time) although my current one has done pretty well, but is still 1k.

Looking for a guild that's pretty active and willing to do runs and things to help each other out and especially if you're scrubby like me :P


  • Michi1543Michi1543
    Mabinogi Rep: 700
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    My char is in the same boat... Looking for this kind of guild as well. If you wanna add me, i wouldn't mind helping out with runs and such. IGN: JAZZz
  • ItzuItzu
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    Posts: 25
    Hey guys!

    Tuathade has been in the process of rebuilding, and we are looking for new membership! Add me in game (IGN: Itzu) and send me a quick note. Tuathade would certainly fit your needs! We're a small guild, but we've got low level players, and we're active on discord, both text and voice.