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Friends? ( :

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edited November 2, 2017 in Mari Chat
Hello yes. I have joined the Mari server and chose fighter to be my main an elf. Lit. uhh, I need friendos who wouldn't mind helping me with things like sms etc. I tried to do today's daily (shadow wiz) and i died like wayy too many times..on basic. /sigh tbh/ so if anyone would lend me a hand that'll be great ; w ;
edit: forgot to mention my IGN LOL its Jaegyu
  1. Did you ever struggle with this too?15 votes
    1. Of course, everyone starts out the same!
       73% (11 votes)
    2. no, my name is kirito and i just had my data from a complete different game transferred here!
       27% (4 votes)


  • EastSeaEastSea
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    edited November 2, 2017
    Hello there!

    My name is East and I am here to represent a great guild called Electrolytes. Electrolytes is a guild formed in May this year, and has grown immensely. Today, we are a full fledged guild, making many achievements on our road to success. All of our members are friendly and are ready to help you on your journey! Below is more information about Electrolytes:

    Hope you have a great day, and that we'll be seeing you soon!
  • IralisseIralisse
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    Hello! I would love to help you with anything you need in-game! ^ ^ I'm not so much of a strong character but I do know a bit about this game since I've been on and off for quite a while now! If you want to you could hang out with me anytime and if you need to ask questions I'll try my best to answer them! : ) I'll add you asap!
    IGN: Iralisse