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I'm just starting to do squires again after touching them like twice before when it first came out so idrk much about it- but my question is:
Does a certain squire have a higher chance of getting a certain broken divine weapon piece [Random example: Logan has a higher chance at bringing back a broken lance piece] and if they do have coordinate with a broken weapon piece- can someone tell me which to which?
Or does it not even matter at all who I pick cause they all have the same chance?
[Not really sure if I asked this right but yeah].

I'm after a certain one but I don't wanna put some one on my team yet for nothing- even if you can change it later.


  • JJJJ
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    edited November 18, 2017
    You don't get them from the squires directly, but instead the squires gather Advanced Baltane Seals for you. You spend those seals on the Advanced Baltane Supply Box which has a tiny, small chance of getting a broken weapon.

    You DO need to pick the square which gives the correct Medal from their special missions. These are much easier to get since at max stats there's a low chance in them not succeeding.
  • ZintackZintack
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    Thank you! I knew there was like something that coordinated with them but I didn't know what, so that helps. & yeah- I figured the chances would be low but was just wanting to make sure. Tyty again.