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Please have this deleted!♥ Thank you c:

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edited January 6, 2018 in Art Creations
Hello everyone :'3
So! I do traditional art, using: Pencils, Coloured Pencils, Black Perm Marker(Thick) and Black Perm Marker(Thin tip, like pencil thin).
the kind of art I do is Anime/cartoon. Anime=Inuyasha, Toradora, durarara. Cartoon=Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Loony Toons.
LineArt = 500K (Takes me 10-15 minutes to draw it and then reline it with the black marker thin tip.)
Coloured/Shading = 1.5M (Takes me almost 2 hours too shade and colour correctly.)

If you'd like examples of my art, the 4 links below will show you♥
  1. Will You Consider Buying My Art In The Future? (For anyone who doesn't comment.)1 vote
    1. Yeah :3 ♥
       0% (0 votes)
    2. Nah fam, I only buy digital art pieces.
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    3. Maybe, if you get better! Or if you do digital art!! :D
       100% (1 vote)