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Returning player looking for friendly guild

Mabinogi Rep: 720
Posts: 15
in Guild and Party Recruitment
Ive been away from mabi for quite some time and have always had bad luck with every guild i enter but now im looking to join one again just to have fun and meet new friends.
I dont do combat often unless its needed but i dont mind running missions and such as well as helping others out with gathering needed mats
Please let me know if anyone is recruiting!


  • lawkeeperlawkeeper
    Mabinogi Rep: 200
    Post: 1
    Hey first off I want to start by saying I apologize of your past experiences with guilds, whatever it is that may have been the problem I hope that is all done with now.I am Lawkeeper Guild Master of Doppleganger and I would like you to consider joining us and becoming apart of the Cactus Cooler Crew(inside joke) .I don't require anyone to hardcore grind or lvl or do anything honestly just be active and donate Guild Points whenever you're able to.Theres nothing going on currently in the guild as far as events but once we get a bit bigger you can reassure yourself that I will arrange stuff.Lastly the only thing that I require for anyone to get in is for you to add me so i can have a bit of a more 1 on 1 conversation with you to get to know you and make sure everything will be alright.Anyway thank you for your time and if you need to contact me my ign is LAWKEEPER .
  • HisahimeHisahime
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,310
    Posts: 96
    Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that you've had a lot of bad experiences :( My guild Rebound is currently recruiting and we're pretty laid back and social. No extra requirements and we take people of all levels. We're very easy-going. If you're interested, note me! IGN: Arinara