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Convert your weapon into Appearance Scroll

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edited December 17, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
Gacha Item

that can turn in-game weapon into appearance Scroll
so someone dont need to feel down when they get the real useless weapon rather than the appearance (looking at you, Yggdrasil staff)
also there are a lot of beautiful weapons in-game that is nearly useless by comparison (Muramasa, Butterfly Fan, dragon fang, Leminia Holy Moon Sword,)
  1. Opinion11 votes
    1. Interesting Idea
       64% (7 votes)
    2. No, Please! No more Gacha!
       36% (4 votes)
    3. i don't care
       0% (0 votes)


  • OdinwolfeOdinwolfe
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    I think weapons should be covered by style tab, to be honest.

    It's a premium feature, it should be a fully functional feature, continue to give appearance scrolls for those who don't buy style tabs, that way both are technically from premium currency, but those who pay get to choose, and gachers get to sell stuff still.

    Win win.