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[FIXED] Meriel loses her sense of direction

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edited February 8, 2018 in Archived Bugs
Issue: During the giant's beginner exploration tutorial, Meriel directs you to a snowfield in the south, but the snowfield in this map is in the northwest.


This is only during the land maker tutorial quest - in previous quests, she correctly refers to other things being to the north of the player/crystal ball. Auto POV also orients the player north, which is roughly where the snowfield for land maker is.


How to recreate: Do the beginner exploration tutorial on a giant until you reach the land maker quest that requires you to change the shape of the ground. Meriel will tell you to go to the wrong direction.

(If you are one of the 99% of players who believe the beginner exploration tutorials are no longer accessible/no longer exists/never existed, I have good news for you: You can start it by selecting Iria as your rebirth location and talking to whichever young lady you meet there.)

How to fix: Change Meriel's instructions to send the player northwest instead of "south".

I'm Eralea of Alexina, but the alt in the screenshots is in Ruairi.
This is the last character I have that hasn't done the exploration tutorial (and she's completed it now), but I did notice the same thing on all my other giants.