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Flat Wig/Hair Model

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edited January 9, 2018 in Bugs and Glitches
This has been bothering me a lot ever since I noticed how different this wig looks on a Giant character, and I cant imagine it is supposed to be this way. So here I go!!

What is the issue?
When wearing the Afternoon Tea Wavy Wig (F) on a Giant (F) character the model seems to stretch long ways and shrink width ways.

What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
Try the wig on a human or elf character. Then try the wig on a Giant character. You should be able to see quite a difference!

What do you expect to happen instead?
The model to be mostly the same, other than scaled to fit on the giant characters model.

Here is some Proof:

Human/Elf Front, Side, and Back view:
Human/Elf wrote:

Giant Front, Side, and Back view:
Giant wrote:

Items worn in these screenshots: Afternoon Tea Wavy Wig (F)


It appears to be the same with the matching coupon "Afternoon Tea Hair", being very long and wide from the front and from the side super squished (on a Giant character).


Forgot to add my username and server!

Alexina Server


  • GiegueGiegue
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    edited January 11, 2018
    This looks intentional! The wig is using a different model on the giant which can't be an accident. Since there aren't any hair physics in the game, the way the hair would fall over a giant's wider shoulders and having to cover additional length would have to be done via an entirely new model, they've simply stretched the texture a bit to compensate.

    Reason for it not being a bug: Models don't "automatically adjust" depending on Race/Gender, and different models have to be made for each situation. The model looks the way it does because that's how the model was made, not because it stretches over the giant weirdly.
  • UnisexUnisex
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    From the looks of it
    The hair the same model. Its stretching because of scaling, for the giants bones its attached to. I dont have the wig, but from the image Im going to assume there isnt a giant version. Because its across all races youre going to have that issue. They would have to make a giant only model. Either way if Im wrong, and Giegue is right, its not a bug.
  • LadameLadame
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    That would be really unfortunate, if it were true. :( The hair is really nice but looks kind of awful on giants. I guess I might have to make money off of it instead! Will wait till this gets marked with NAB though, if thats the case.
    please no! lol
  • GiegueGiegue
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,975
    Posts: 215
    I can see why it looks like the same model, but from the looks of it the only thing thats the same is the texture, which HAS been weirdly stretched over the model of the wig, but this appears to be lazy texturing more so than a bug.
    Even if its not a bug, it could probably be fixed up a little so it looks nicer for you :>