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Kiosk wont let me price items differently

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I'm setting a kiosk and trying to sell different Dowra SEs and Taunes MK3s and individual prices since some are better than others. If I set another pair of guns in the kiosk it will try to automatically set the new ones to the same as the original. I can't move the cursor to delete numbers and reprice but I can type in new numbers. Any help will be appreciated.


  • LeiliciaLeilicia
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,220
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    This happens a lot. I found to price it as such, then quickly change the price again to what you really want it to be. If you're afraid of someone buying them with the incorrect price, price them high then place them all and then go through and price them normally. There may be a faster way but this is how I do it
  • JoyiiJoyii
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    I'm going to assume that by you can't move the cursor to delete numbers but you can type in new numbers, you mean that you're able to add numbers to the pricing but it won't let you backspace your current price. One way to get through this is you can use the 'select all' shortcut (ctrl + a), to highlight the numbers and then press backspace. This will remove the current price, and allow you to add a new price like normal! This is the method I use, but the method the previous commenter posted should work as well. :)