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Assault Slash Damage not same as previous update

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edited February 20, 2018 in Bugs and Glitches
Prior to the 2013 updates that occurred to the game, Assault Slash had a special ability where if it was used with a two handed weapon, a damage bonus of at least 20% was applied to the skill but in future updates after 2013, an unlisted change occurred to the damage of assault slash where it was normalized to 200% across all weapons, including two handed weapons, which are supposed to do more damage as seen in the Smash skill.
Assault Slash using the Borealis Sword - Two Handed Assault Slash

Assault Slash using the Celtic Royal Knight Sword - One Handed Assault Slash

The attack with the two handed weapon should be significantly higher than the one handed weapon, however this is not the case. The damage bonus used to apply to assault slash, but now it does not and it is unclear whether this is a bug or an intentional change to the skill itself.