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Group creation: Custom setting RolePlay

Mabinogi Rep: 100
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in Ruairi Chat
Greetings. I'm a rather old, recently returned player in this server. I used to be a part of the Visionary guild of roleplayers, which for the most part had a serious and rather enjoyable RP banter within a setting that adhered mostly to Mabinogi's lore. Sadly, the group thinned out and eventually everyone split to do their own thing.

I'm hoping to bring to life a similar effort, btu starting with a clean slate.

This is an invitation to any serious, midly-experienced roleplayer to join me and others to bring your OCs to Fantasy Life, and roleplay among likeminded individuals to develop stories, relationships, characters, villains and so on. Should enough people register here or by sending a note to Dardahn, we shall start a setting that I hope will be a great experience for all.

Keep in mind this setting will adhere to strict RP form: No overpowered characters, no godmodding, and most things will have to undergo approval. This is to prevent many uncomfortable situations that presented in the past with people that forgot the line between In Character/Out Of Character, or went overboard with their characters and/or their backstories.

More details will come once we reach 8 members. There's two of us already, so we only need six more.

Thanks for your time. Best regards:
Aderis Kyle Drago