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United is recruiting!

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edited March 4, 2018 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello and welcome to United!

We are an adventurous new guild looking for new members. Our guild focuses on players just beginning their journey in Erinn and we seek to build a united group of players to face the various challenges Mabinogi has to offer. We are active and open to helping with quests, dungeons, missions, and more! We are looking primarily for lower level players (very beginner-friendly) with total levels 1 (literally just started) to 2,000. However, if you're higher level do not fret! We are open to all, I just recommend sending me a message in-game (note/add Sindar) to make sure that our guild is the right fit for you.

Most importantly, if you're starting out and looking for friends- this is your place! We can help you along and learn the basics of the game.

Find our guild stone West of Dunbarton, South of the gate (right by Simply's guild stone). Picture below!




  • MaiaMaia
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    I hear this guild is full of rockstars too btw

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