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Mastering Hydra

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I've got two reqs left, using the skill which is easy and hitting 8 powerful (strong) enemies at once which is insanely hard? :(

I managed to do it like once by killing Glewyas and holding a +CP sword after casting it in the kitchen dungeon. But to get 8 mobs close enough and stop them moving to do it 3000+ times seems way too unreliable... i'd be there for years. Enthralling doesn't work on them...

Tried that saga mission where Millia is doing the thing but those mobs are a mix of awful/strong or normal/strong even with gear so can't get enough of them together.

Is there anywhere else I could get 8 strong mobs???


  • ShouKShouK
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    Using the skills is the most annoying for me even with multipliers because of the long cooldown. The other requirements is easy. Adjust your cp by resetting skills or wearing -CP gear and go into hillwen, divine link and cast hydra in there.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited March 11, 2018
    Did you try lowering your stamina to decrease the damage your Hydra is doing?
    It can make the ingredients last longer.

    You could also wear a Hurricane Cylinder to lower the damage even more, but then you wouldn't have the +CP sword equipped...

    What about skills that gather enemies together?
    Like puppeteer's Crisis skill, or chain slasher's Death Mark skill.
    And Lullaby can hold enemies still.