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S>Dyes&Stuff B>Stuff

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edited March 22, 2018 in Mari Marketplace
S> These dyes nmo.
Flashies- Red/Black Fade, Red/Pink/White Flashy, Purple Pulse, Green/Black Fade, Yellow/Pink Metal Flashy




Flamerider shoes nmo
Incubus Thick Horn nmo
2 BD Blood 250k ea.
4 Suntouched pieces nmo
Essence of Raw Force nmo
Red/Blue upgrade stones 95k/25k
Bat Dress (F) (Shadow Mission) nmo
Siren masks nmo
Red Rainbow sheep robe nmo
Dragon Shield R2 nmo
I love you gesture coupon nmo
3 Gargoyle Statues 50k ea
End Chest Crud nm specific stuff you're looking for
Old obscure stuff nm what you're looking for

B> Good Cressida Outfit/Gloves/Shoes nmp
F/M Cylinder Spirit Wings nmp
M Blunt weapon spirit wings nmp

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