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Nexon Launcher Neverending Loading [Self-Fixed]

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edited March 30, 2018 in Technical Support
The launcher itself won't load and allow me access to start a game.

I have tried the following:
  1. Shutting it down via task manager and start it, several times.
  2. Restart my computer
  3. Uninstalled, installed.
  4. Uninstalled, restart, installed.

No difference. It's stuck in an infinite loading loop. Last time I used the launcher was early morning of today. (around 2am central time).

I'm going to miss a daily for the events because of this unless there is a fix, quickly! I don't know what to do...
UPDATE: Nevermind... JUST after posting this, instead of nexon_runtime.exe I started nexon_launcher.exe, it did an update and it finally loaded... I don't know how exactly this issue happened, I didn't make any changes to the shortcut properties for the launcher to start prior to today... it just wouldn't load at all no matter what I did until then.

Sorry for the spam topic that quickly got fixed by an unusual mean, but how this happen is more unusual itself.


  • DJsanwitDJsanwit
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    Omg just saw this after missing the whole week for "Attendance" event type. Thanks a lot.