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Starting a Guild

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edited March 31, 2018 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello Tarlach players!

I am trying to start a social/manufacturing guild which can be used to contribute to the Tarlach community; events, aid, and business opportunities are major roles I'd like my members to participate in (but no obligation to).
I understand that everyone is talented in their own way! I am not looking for anyone in particular; regardless of level, or area of interest (life skills, ranged skills, tank, etc), I'm sure that everyone will be able to contribute to the community where their specialties lay. There is a place for everyone.

If you are interested in helping me form the guild (top 5), please kindly add me on Mabinogoi and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
If you are interested in applying for the guild once it is established, you may reply to this post, or note/add me on Mabinogi as well. Please include which position you are interested in, and if you have any questions regarding the guild expectations.

- General Member
- Event Host
- PvP
- Cooking
- Fashion
- Suggestion
- Event Helper
- Refer to Event Host categories
- Sales Associate
- Advertising
- Events
- Guild Recruitment
- Aid
- Production

I look forward to hearing back from those who are interested in applying. :)

Kindest Regards,