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looking for friends/ help with 4 person dungeon

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
I am returning to the game from when i played in 2012. i reason i stopped playing is because i had issues with some of the quest and could not get people to help finish them. i need some friends to help with the PRICE OF LOVE quest and someone will to answer questions if i have any.

My IGN is Sammybear just add me or post here and i will add you


  • KemalyKemaly
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    edited April 19, 2018
    Adding soon :)
  • EastSeaEastSea
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    Rebound is a good guild. Next time they open recruitment you could look into them.

    Electrolytes is open now, so until Rebound reopens their recruitment you could look into us. ⚡❤ Feel free to leave a message with our leader!