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Kemaly's B>/S> List

Mabinogi Rep: 1,045
Posts: 18
edited May 29, 2018 in Mari Marketplace
Note/mail to Kemaly

Female Cylinder Spirit Wings - nmp
Royal Knight Armor - 4m
Royal Knight Boots/Gauntlets - 1m
Potent Finest Shadow Crystals - 55k ea
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 1) - 4.5m
Grapple Shot TP - 500k
Flash Launcher TP - 300k
Bullet Slide TP - 250k
Enchant TP - 1.5m
Various Bags (No Drop Trades) - nmp
Nao Coin - 1m

Black Dragon Blood - 200k (nm amount)
Flamerider Shoes (F) - nmo
Turban Shell Armor (F) - nmo
Police Officer Uniform (F) - nmo


  • AvrekAvrek
    Mabinogi Rep: 400
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    I have 2 flash launcher tp if your still looking.