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More Shield-based skills?

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To work in with the Close Combat and Lance Combat classes and maybe even Holy Arts; Shields can be more useful than they are now. Elves can still learn the Lance sheild skills, but each race will have bonuses with Shield skills;

Humans have a smaller SP cost than Giants, deal average damage and can still use "Magic Bash".
Giants use more SP but deal more damage overall.
Elves use MP and deal magic damage.

Shield Bash; A simple bash that is close-ranged that you simply smack an enemy with. Has a chance to stun stuff, and will knock small enemies down. Big cooldown though.

Block; A group shield that lets you guard an area behind you (Will appear as a yellow shield icon in a cone area. People stand behind it and will take less damage.)

Magic Block; Same as above. Defends against less damage than the specific Cleric spells, but still is effective and costs less MP.

Magic Defend; All races can learn this, but Elves will be most effective with it. Basically like normal Defend, but magic defense/prot. Stronger with books. Cannot be used with Mana Shield.

Magic Bash; Humans and Elves can get this, but Humans need a wand with a shield to cast it. Elves do not. Basically will deal damage like Shield Bash, but instead of Stunning it lowers magic damage temporarily to the enemy.


  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
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    edited June 7, 2018
    Everyone knows the best offense is a good defense.

    Shield Surf: Jump onto your shield to ride it down inclines.

    Boomerang Shield: Throw your shield to hit one or multiple enemies, then have it return to your hand.

    Duel Wield Shields: Wear two shields for tank-like defense. Wear a third shield on your back for maximum defense.

    Shield Transformation: Transform into a shield item for a limited time so other players can use you as a shield. Drains mana. When you run out of mana, you turn back into your character.
  • ThePravinThePravin
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    I would settle for shield egos.
  • GremmGremm
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    An actual Shield Bash would be good as well, something like a counter-attack but with the shield.
    It is a classic and it's a shame that we don't have as many weapon specialized skills in this game.
  • scienceguy2scienceguy2
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    block sounds like a good idea but magic block is not necessary since we have magic shields that need a boost.
    but i was thinking of something simpler with a shield then when using def it stays on for a duration-increase with rank- which when enemies attack you they get stunned -the stun duration increases with rank- and also able to block all physical skills ex stampede tanks should be useful i game play the in game should not be all about dps- support abilities should be important too