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Police Officer Uniform - Animation/Origin Issues

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What happens now: During the idle animation, the origin for the character is actually at the end of the swinging handcuffs.
What should happen instead: The origin for the animation should be in the character's body or their feet or wherever it normally is.

The police uniform has an interesting quirk where the "core" of the uniform's idle pose is actually at the tip of the handcuffs. If you watch your character's feet, you'll notice them very slightly bobbing up and down through the floor, which normally isn't an issue. However if you stand halfway close to a ledge so that the handcuffs swing back and forth over it, you'll clip up and down as the free end of the handcuff passes over terrain with different heights.


Also if you transform into a Dark Knight and go into disarm mode, the blood drop icon will swing around with the handcuffs too. I'm a paladin so I can't show it myself though.

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