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Female giant has different Swan Lake pose now??

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in Bugs and Glitches
this is the pose the Swan Lake outfit is supposed to have

This is the one my giant has:

That's it.... she just stands with her legs in that position for a bit and looks around and then raises her arms after a few seconds and puts them back down. I don't recall giants having a different pose. Why would they get a significantly less interesting pose than humans? I feel like this is a bug of some sort?

IGN: Darvy
Server: Mari


  • EraleaEralea
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    So I watched my new Black Swan outfit for a while and went "hey this pose is the same as that one Darvy reported a few weeks ago".

    For some reason the giant Swan Lake outfit pose is currently the same as the Black Swan outfit pose. We only got the 7th coupon today, of course, so I guess no one realised it until now.