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WTB&Price check> Fine Leather or Strap bag/stack

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in Ruairi Marketplace
Hi, just as the title am in need WTB and check the price on Fine leather or leather Strap be it 10/ea (stack) or 100/ea (bag).
If u use Alpaca's bag don't worry i got some to trade back. Just Add Or note me a price, But if u know the fair price (since i don't know) Just Mail it to me with the price you like i will reply 10 Hour after this Post. I will come check on the price for some kind people enough to tell me ; w;. Thank you
IGN: Ikarimero
Ps.i got some Japanese sword (Muramasa, Katana, Tanto, Yoshimizu) got to craft and sell after i push it to Dan1 maybe 2 and 3 ; w;(Dreaming on process).