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Weekly Loc Discussion: Favorite Typo?!

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Howdy, everyone! We know that with G21 in full swing, you've got more than enough to keep you occupied in the game, so let's keep it light this week! We want to hear from you: what's the funniest text bug you've found while playing Mabinogi?

Just to give you fair warning, once you share them, we might fix them, but we’re sure to get a laugh out of them as much as you do!

- The Mabinogi Localization Team


  • GretaGreta
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    edited June 28, 2018
    When Avelin said "outsie" instead of "outside" (i assume). Can't show visual evidence, but i still remember reading that part and was like "Outsie? Is that even a word or just a typo?". Was legit confused for a moment, don't know why i just didn't take a screenshot, but it sure made me smile. :D Also the part when fighting Sylvan Dragon, Altam said "Are attacks aren't working!". I swear to god, this typo is too random. That typo got reported though, it's in Bugs and Glitches category now.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    My favorite typo is not in G21, buuuut...
    I like how Mabi handles all things related to "Truffle".

    Ya'know, the diamond of the kitchen!
    The gourmet mushroom!
    There's a few typos related to Truffle I can think of.

    The most prominent (sorta) is an Emain Macha Commerce Trade Good!
    You may know it as "Triple Pasta".
    Well, this name makes no sense if you don't see it as the obvious mistrans...literation(?) of "트뤼플" literally something like "tul-reup-pue".
    Going by the description of the trade good, it's describing the pasta as:
    "Pasta made with white mushrooms.
    Since white mushrooms are so rare, this dish is a highly-valued delicacy."

    No mention of it being made with 3 of anything, or anything else that'd earn it the name "Triple" over "Truffle".
    Bonus points for mentioning that it's made with mushrooms. (Truffle!)

    Moving past the trade good... let's look at the Ingredient Hunting... ingredient.
    White Truffle! (hey, that's a white mushroom! It's right there in the name!)
    In this case, it's the description that counts as a typo!
    As follows:
    "A flaky pie made with truffles, one of the great mushrooms. Also known as the diamond of the kitchen."

    Wait a minute, this ingredient is an... ingredient! Not a pie! So it's not a flaky pie made with truffles. It IS a truffle!
    It should read something like, "One of the great mushrooms, often used in pies. Also known as the diamond of the kitchen." cutting out the part calling the mushroom a pie, and adding in its use in baking the pie.
    I wonder if this counts as a typo or a simple mixup of item descriptions, because this brings me to my third "Truffle Trouble".

    The Truffle Pie!
    This is made from White Truffles, and its description iiiiiis:
    "Pie made of one of the three great mushrooms. This pie just screams quality."

    Once again, I think this is a mixup involving "triple". Otherwise, what are the other "two great mushrooms" it talks about?
    When I think of great mushrooms, I just think of Truffles.
    Though I guess it could be talking about different colored truffles, I think it should just say "A pie made with the great Truffle mushroom. This pie just screams quality."

    Oh, that was a lot of text just for the mushroom...
    Well, special mention to the in-game book "Musicians of Erinn"!
    It has multiple spelling errors/localization differences from current names of certain NPCs and Lores, including Jabchiel, Enn, Mag Tuireadh, Abcan, Mores, and Cairbre all have their names using old localization spells.
    Examples are:
    Jabchiel being called Zavkiel.
    Enn being referred to as a male. (The Druid Enn, in this case, who is female as of Memento)
    Mag Tuireadh War being called the Moitura War
    Abcan being spelled Avkan (This NPC is only ever mentioned, never seen, but again this is from Memento)
    Mores being spelled Maurus (Mari's Father, the Druid mage)
    Cairbre being spelled Corple (This is ever since the MusicQ Update, where it added in Freestyle Jams and the "Blessing of Cairbre", the God of music)

    All of those old localized names are found in that one book! (obtained from a quest you get after reaching Rank A of Musical Knowledge)

    Oh yeah, and the author's name is mispelled, too. It reads Loeyze when it's supposed to be Loeiz.

    Okay, I'm done.
    Truffles and Musicians of Erinn.
    Woo. :cookie:
  • EraleaEralea
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    edited June 28, 2018
    Whoaaa @Iyasenu solved so many mushroom mysteries for me

    Can you help figure out this one too? It's been baffling me since 2010. No coffee was used in making it!
  • IyasenuIyasenu
    Mabinogi Rep: 24,265
    Posts: 2,887
    edited June 29, 2018
    Eralea wrote: »
    Whoaaa Iyasenu solved so many mushroom mysteries for me

    Can you help figure out this one too? It's been baffling me since 2010. No coffee was used in making it!

    As far as I can tell (literally just from Google) this is an actual recipe of some sort...
    Calling it "cappuccino" when it's served in a cappuccino cup.
    Which... this picture doesn't show at all, ha!

    Though maybe it'd be better called "Cream of Mushroom Soup".

    Though that's just going by its appearance.
    Since it uses Emain Macha Wine in its recipe... I dunno.
    Some fancy cream of mushroom soup recipes I found on google call for white whine, so maybe.
    Also, I saw the discussion page on the wiki shows you brought this up back in 2010, too. xD
  • EraleaEralea
    Mabinogi Rep: 9,785
    Posts: 778
    Haha I did notice the mushroom cappuccino recipes, but they're all cream of mushroom with frothy milk on top. It doesn't match the Mabi recipe or icon at all.
    If it's cream of mushroom I feel like the recipe should at least include cream. When I cook it, cream is mandatory and wine is optional. But I feel like this for a lot of our in-game recipes.

    Ye I went to quibble on the talk page as soon as I saw it lol. Eight years on, I don't think gazpacho quite matches after all, since it tends to use veggies and vinegar, not wine... unless part of the Mabi recipe is waiting for the wine to turn into vinegar lol
  • HollyBlueAgateHollyBlueAgate
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    edited July 1, 2018
    These aren't part of g21, but I found a typo (translation error?) that should probably be fixed. One of the Girgashy daily requirements, Ward it All has the following description: "Use a warding skill to defend against the Girgashy's attack". That can be misleading since many players don't know that quest requires you to use defense when Girg swings his staff. Both the title and the description of that daily requirement should be changed to something along the lines of: Impenetrable Defense - Use the Defense skill to block Girgashy's staff swing.

    I also noticed a typo in Kaour's text. When you talk to him after recruiting him, he says "What if so important that it requires you to waste my time?". It should be "is" not "if".