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Weekly Loc Discussion: Erg

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Ah, Erg. That mysterious force with an odd name that has quietly lingered in the background of Mabinogi’s story from early on. Astute players know of its importance, but no one quite seems to know HOW it is important.

So, with G21 Part 2 right on our doorstep, we put to you the question: what do you think Erg is, exactly? What does it do? What is its function in Erinn? Kaelic helps you utilize it to power up your weapons as an in-game system, but in a broader story context, how do you think Erg fits into the world of Mabinogi? Let us know, and when you play the new main story questline, you just might discover more about Erg!

- The Mabinogi Localization Team


  • EraleaEralea
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    I just want this explained because there's another theory that about mana tunnels turning erg into mana which directly contradicts this

    tbh I secretly hope the new lore changes everything the oldbies learned in chapters 1 to 3 and creates a big pile of lore drama
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Most of what I learned about Erg I learned from reading the Healing skill book.

    It's like... an energy found everywhere in Erinn, and it was created by the God of Love Lymilark, and living things can turn Erg into life energy.
    So I guess Healing turns Mana into Erg and then when used on someone it turns into Life Energy and heals them.

    Pretty neat, I wonder what else will come to light about it.
  • FroglordFroglord
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    edited July 12, 2018
    Erg is supposed to be like Ch'i, as all things have Ch'i, and it is the energy that flows through all things. All things such as the smallest of bits of sand to the largest mammals or mountains have Ch'i.

    There is also positive and negative forces of Ch'i and Erg. Arat crystals are a physical manifestation of dark erg, and positive erg is produced by the Sun Palala.


    Both Errin and the Unwelcoming world are also symbolized by positive and negative erg. Eweca and Ladeca produce negative and positive mana which becomes a balanced erg life force.
  • GretaGreta
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    edited July 12, 2018
    Wanted to joke around and say that Erg is like a Chakra (like 9 hours ago) and i see the version of Chi here right now lol. Close enough... :D
  • EdethaEdetha
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    Honestly, there's already plenty of explanation of what erg is.

    Erg is essentially sunlight, and the life force that governs the world.

    Mixing Erg with mana, is what is called "Magic". Magic can transform mana into erg, but not erg into mana.

    However, where it gets complicated is "dark erg", also known as "Noitar Arat", which comes from Luitalata, the sun in the shadow realm. We aren't 100% sure what Noitar Arat is, but we know it's not healthy. It might even be death energy.

    Now, mixing dark erg with mana has another effect... Creating a crystal, and these crystals produce strange effects when struck. This is known as "Alchemy"
  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    Erg is life force, inherent to all living things. I guess this means that even inanimate objects have a life force as well.