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Old Player LF New People to Group WIth!

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hey everyone :) New to the forums, so please excuse my noob-like manner ;p
So, I am a returning player, just coming back after many many years away from the game.
I used to play back when G1 was FIRST released, and I played for a couple years, and quit around the time shortly after when ballooning and rafting came out. I actually had lost the email to my account, and because I hadn't signed in for so long, yahoo went ahead and just deleted the whole thing, making it impossible to recover my account.. So, needless to say, I had just gave up and flat out quit right there lol.
But, now, after many many years, I am back! :D And I love it! Everything has changed SO much! I feel like it's a completely new game..
The only thing that is really killing it for me is the fact that everyone is so much more powerful than me.. Nobody really wants to group up to do the things, well, you know, new players actually go out and DO, and enjoy the game with me..
So, ultimately the goal of this post is to just find anyone, new player or veterans, wanting to take some time to enjoy the game with me, maybe introduce me into some new content, or if you're a new player, get together and explore the world together. :)