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Weekly Loc Discussion: G21 part 2

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It’s finally here! After much waiting and even more speculation, the second half of G21 has arrived at last, bringing with it the conclusion to the Alban Knights’ storyline (at least, for now...). We’ve already been reading your impressions of the content, ranging from comments about the battles to opinions on the storyline. Focusing on just the story and characters, what did you think of everything that happened? Was the conclusion satisfying to you? Did you see the twist coming? Does the character growth get a thumbs-up from you?

Now that the dust has settled, what would you like to see happen to the Alban Knights from here on out? Is there any knight you’d like to see get some special attention? We don’t know exactly when they’ll re-enter the ongoing saga, but it’s always fun to speculate.

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    Focusing on just the story and characters, what did you think of everything that happened?
    I thought it was pretty interesting. We got answers to a lot of questions (for once) and lots of lore that ties into the bosses and missions that were added with the update itself, which is always nice and most of it fits into the game well.
    Was the conclusion satisfying to you?
    I did appreciate Talvish not sitting around in denial for 27 episodes like a lot of other series do. His reaction to the player's capabilities and actions in the final fight were a nice touch (opposed to having him simply change his mind in a cutscene where your character randomly whips out Brionac or whatever like in other gens).

    However the overall final parts where everybody just just kind of gave up and walked away from eachother gives me flashbacks to various forcefully-cancelled manga series like Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. I felt like there needs to be some epilogue where we see Talvish try to make some amends and where we know the Alban Knights will continue successfully and all that jazz, because things ended with an uncertain future for many involved.
    Did you see the twist coming?
    I didn't. From the various images (teaser site and such) I thought Cichol was going to try to convert the player or something and Talvish was going to intercept it, leading to him changing and having to fight the player due to being controlled or something... but nope, more interesting things happened instead.
    Does the character growth get a thumbs-up from you?
    Well we got an explanation why Merlin existed in the past for a bit at least.
  • XypixXypix
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    I thought the way the prophets were just slapped away by Cichol was disappointing. They've been the main antagonists for 3 generations, and they just disappear without a proper sendoff.

    The Talvish twist was nice, at least. And Altam/ blue hair guy. He's nice too.
  • Sphyra21Sphyra21
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    Was the conclusion satisfying to you?
    For the most part yes, but to be honest I wish there was more about Caswyn ^^

    Did you see the twist coming?
    Ok now that's a funny story. Always suspected Talvish, somethin' about him just didn't sit right with me. First I began to suspect that he was either the villain or was simply goin' about things the wrong way. Not long after that I began to think that he might very well be the Elder...
    I wasn't quite expectin' it to b all 3 things. But other than that, Yup saw it comin'

    Does the character growth get a thumbs-up from you?
    Avelin's and Pihne's growth seemed the most significant and I enjoyed their stories far more than Altam's.
    In the end Altam was still as happy-go-lucky as before. Also, anyone else get a "King Arthur" vibe from Altam? Especially in this recent update...
    Llwelyn is a lot of fun especially when he attempts to get information out of Kaelic.
  • TaffytaTaffyta
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    I thought it ended on a really bittersweet note, the end where you recite the thing with all the knights (sans TALVISH) was nice as heck. As far as the actual prophets/apostles/other god etcetc.. mostly that was tied up satisfyingly for me but "Mother Ladeca" was mentioned before and still I am left wondering... who dat??

    I did not see the twist coming I trusted Talvish and took him at face value ;-; (my husbando....) I was very distressed at first BUT I'm glad that I didn't have to kill him and that things got turned around. The last time we talked to him I found really touching... He calls you old friend, tells you you completed him, etcetc great stuff makes up for the betrayal and everything.

    Character development was good!! Altam had some really cool moments and I'm proud of him.. evolved from puppy to full on guard dog. Also seeing Avelin's backstory was really cool and it felt rewarding to see "ah so THIS is why she hates Brilluen so much" and Talvish got a whole bunch of layers it was neat to see how much he cares about the milletian.. but then also his own goals.. but then can turn it around for the better!! It's also very intriguing because he's the only NPC the milletian has ever bonded with who is sort of at their level, power-wise.

    Also, in general... I really liked all the going back and talking to older NPCs in this gen I thought that was a fun touch. Makes it more immersive to have NPCs acknowledge things changing and stuff and it's just neat. And seeing Cichol again was cool!! My dude!

    I just wanna see them around.. if they pop up in other gens just keeping people safe or.. chillin' or whatever just coming by to say hi that'd be nice. I wanna see Talvish more because.. he's my favorite and I'm also just super frickin curious what Ascended Talvish would be up to, but also Lily I feel like being new in this gen and we weren't even allowed to see his crystal scene... didn't get too much development so I wanna see him in future storylines.
  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    There are quite a few mysteries and plot points that I wish was further explored. Like who are the Out worldly deities invading Erinn, is Mother Ladeca the only entity or are there more? Who were the prophets before they started worshiping the Out worldly deities, what made them do this? I feel like most of these questions will be never be answered as Mabi progresses to other story lines.
  • GretaGreta
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    edited July 21, 2018
    Storyline: Everything was ok until Merlin and TH showed up. Ruined whole Part 2 for me. This just proves that Dev's treat and see Aces as a joke and it annoys me a lot. Also gonna agree what @Xypix said. Felt really disappointed when Cichol easily got rid of Prophets with just one finger lift. What a waste... If they got destroyed this easily, then it could have happened in the end of G19 or something, it got dragged far too much and everything was for nothing at the end...
    Missions: Was mainly frustrating and extremely intense. Also boring. All we did was fighting fighting fighting... Nothing else. Should have added more mini-games or silly chores and something, like in good old days.
    Characters: I liked the new character Llywelyn, but too sad that they didn't put enough attention for him. What's his past? What about his abilities? Still curious about that book... I also disliked how i was forced to sympathize and show affection to Altam and Altam only. What about other characters???

    So in conclusion i would give like 8/10 for G21. Liked Part 1 wayyyy more.
  • TheDumbOneTheDumbOne
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    The storyline was really nice. I think i got so caught up on the very first question asked which was something like "am i their now?" - I answered yes, then tried to figure out who it was... i thought it was Llywelyn, being that he was their when the question was asked, and it make sense. (Boi was i wrong) - i also like the part were the story talks about how dead the game is d(OuOd) "i remember when ppl sit around a campfire"

    It was very emotional, everything was pretty much bleak the entire time. Im glad monkey boi and dumb smart mage guy was their to lighten the mood, other wise it just constantly be bleak....

    the few things i didnt like was Altam was only character really obtaining talk-able options.... And non of the talkable options effected any part of the game (no title or etc) BUT THE MOST THING I HATED was talking to the npc at any time and getting attacked..... I died reading text to the last boss =-=" like really?

    i like to see the characters come back permanently. maybe come back with newer raids and battle options like every gen does- But most i LOVE to see is Lymilark come back as one of Aton Cimeni's gods. Finally see what Lymilark looks like. Probably looks like a long hair cute boi ;D